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Biggest Little Permits Report: 128 New Units Across the Bay

This week’s big little permits take away is its uptick in ADU filings. Even with Indigenous Peoples’ holiday providing a lull on Monday, planners picked up the pace for the rest of the week. This article covers over 128 new units of apartments and ADUs across the Bay Area plus Sacramento, as well as twenty-one single-family houses. Our map shows how widespread the permits were across the city of San Francisco, no more than a few in any one neighborhood. Some unusual and significant little permits include a large wine storage building in Santa Clara County and additional classrooms filed for the Athenian School in Danville.

Permits covered in this article in San Francisco, image created by Easy Map Maker

San Francisco
Additional Dwelling Units: 51
Single Family Dwellings: 3

This week has been active for San Francisco ADUs. Joining the new building permit for the 42-story 95 Hawthorne Street, we’ve found 51 additional units in apartments and three new single-family houses for the city. This is quite an increase from eleven ADU’s in last week’s report. A map of all the addresses shows that these ADU’s are fairly uniformly spread across the city.

Permits have been filed to convert existing parking into a four-unit addition at 2390 Francisco Street, Marina, bringing the total residential capacity on-site to sixteen at the cost of $112,500 per unit. An ADU will be created for garage space at 242A Broad street, 1039-1041 Cabrillo Street, for $120,000.

Permits have been filed for an ADU at 212 Head Street, 224 Dwight Street, 409 16th Avenue, 645 Velasco, 1014 and 1112-1118 Shotwell Avenue, 1221 Waller Street, 1274 22nd Avenue, 1473-1475 11th Avenue,1571 Revere Avenue, 1650 Plymouth Avenue, 1932 20th Avenue, 2218 15th Avenue, 2472 21st Avenue, and 4732 17th Street.

Then there are the permits, which describe the total residential boost their ADU’s will make. Two new units at 2250 Buchanan Street, both two-bedroom units, pushing the site from having nineteen to twenty-one units. Three new units at 535 Leavenworth Street, making for a total of twenty-seven units on site. An extra ADU at 4105-4109 California Street will push the address from eight to nine units. An ADU at 563-565 36th Avenue will push from two to three units and four to five units at 470 25th Avenue. 2020 Green Street’s additional ADU takes it to ten total units, and four new ADUs at 1801 California Street brings its total number to thirty-five.

Two units are expected for 204-206 3rd Avenue,1924 Washington Street, 2403-2405 16th Street, and 3663 19th Street.

577 Ivy Street, via Google Maps

577 Ivy Street, via Google Maps

A vacant lot on the hilly 41 Ashton Avenue is being reviewed to construct a single-family dwelling. 650 and 654 28th Street has applied to review the demolition of an existing single-family with a new single-family residence and ADU on site. 577 Ivy Street is hoping to expand its existing historic structure to include another dwelling unit.

Permits have been filed for a second dwelling unit and vertical expansion to a building with a historic facade at 919 Sanchez Street, Dolores Heights, at the cost of $275,000. Its facade will not be altered.

Pre-screening permits have been filed for an ADU at 1571 Revere Avenue and 2218 15th Avenue. Permits have been filed for an anonymized address for a new three-story three-unit residential building, which would push the number of units on-site to seven. Another anonymous address filed for an ADU.

Permits covered in this article in Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland, image created by Easy Map Maker

Permits covered in this article in Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland, image created by Easy Map Maker

Alameda County
Additional Dwelling Units: 39
Single Family Dwellings: 3

A 20-unit multi-family structure in Oakland filed permits to construct five new ADUs out of existing garage/storage space. Four units will stretch two floors, including a spiral staircase. A total of 3185 square feet will be created, three yielding 687 square feet and two with 562 square feet.

Oakland permits have been filed for a 616 square foot ADU with a 595 square foot attached garage at 828 Cleveland Street. More ADU’s in Oakland will be added to 373 Warwick Avenue, 966 62nd Street,1242 53rd Avenue, 1608 Mountain Boulevard, 1690 Trestle Glen Road, 2481 61st Avenue, 3218 Elmwood Avenue, 7863 Plymouth Street, and 9712 East Street.

1550 Havenscourt Boulevard hopes to convert a garage into an ADU, while the multi-family building at 647 East 17th Street plans to make two ADU’s from existing parking space.

Permits have been filed to convert the first floor of a single-family dwelling into a 920-square foot ADU, with a renovation on the second floor, at 4770 Redding Street. Similar permits were filed for 1829 Macarthur Boulevard and 1432 12th Street. A 700 square foot ADU with 640 square feet of storage at a single-family dwelling was filed for 10889 Ettrick Street.

Pre-applications for ADUs at 3423 Market Street and 1286 76th Street were turned in. A two-story three-unit building at 1435 45th Avenue for a cost of $600,000. New permits for single-family dwellings in Oakland include 2829 Sunset Avenue, 2862 82nd Avenue, and 3136 Courtland Avenue, all yielding around 2,500 square feet.

Alameda permits have been filed for a nearly 800 square foot backyard ADU at 1612 Concordia Street, 1304 9th Street, 1722, and 1821 San Jose Avenue. A 500 square foot ADU is planned for a single-family house at 1026 Oaks Avenue. A two-unit building in Alameda is being designed for 712 39th Street.

Berkeley permits have been filed to convert a basement into a 480 square foot ADU at 2501 Mabel Street. A new structure at 1332 Neilson Street would make way for a 631 square foot ADU. And a garage-to-ADU conversion is planned for 2804 Martin Luther King Jr. Way. More ADU’s were expected for 1517-1519 Walnut Street and 2408 Edwards Street.

Contra Costa County
Additional Dwelling Units: 6
Single Family Dwellings: 2

The Athenian School, a private Grade 6-12 school in Danville, has followed up from last week’s permits with yet more permits for three health-compliant classroom additions.

A new housing permit was filed at 9 Archer Circle, Moraga, and 27 Paintbrush Lane, Orinda. ADU’s are being planned for at 100 Talley Way in Hercules, 103 Mandala Court Walnut Creek, 886 Birdhaven Court, 1748 La Playa Drive Lafayette, and 2931 Flannery Road and 2941 Greenwood Drive, San Pablo.

Santa Clara County
Additional Dwelling Units: 6
Single Family Dwellings: 8

Permits have been filed for a new one-bedroom ADU at 214 Mountain View and 15413 Charmeran, San Jose, 12270 Calle Uvas in Gilroy, and at 16521 Farley Road and 27920 Moody Road, Los Altos. 1381 Washington Street, Santa Clara, has also filed for an ADU.

An unusually sizeable single-family residence is expected for 660 Hale Avenue in Morgan Hill. The building will span 6,450 square feet, with an additional 1,280 square feet for garage and storage and a 735 square foot deck and porch. Still large will be the 12,500 square foot residence at 3412 Fowler Road, in a rural portion of San Jose.

Demolition permits have been filed for a single-family home at 455 Valley View Drive, Los Altos. Demolitions of single-family houses at 1750 Emerson Street, 3083 Cowper Street, 3123 South Court, and 3233 Greer Road, Palo Alto, will yield larger single-family homes. Same for 4062 Davis Street, Santa Clara.

Permits have been filed for a new 1,900 square foot wine storage and office building at 3180 Paseo Vista, San Martin. A prefabricated single-family house was filed for an anonymous address in southern Santa Clara county.

San Mateo County
Additional Dwelling Units: 1
Single Family Dwellings: 1

Permits have been filed for the demolition of a single-story home to make way for a two-story single-family residence with an attached ADU at 541 Menlo Oaks, Menlo Park.

Sacramento County
Additional Dwelling Units: 25
Single Family Dwellings: 4

ADU permits were filed for 420 21st Street, 725 42nd Street, 1109 37th Street, 1260 13th Avenue, 2633 Harkness Street, 2912 36th Street, 3391 McKinley Boulevard, 3408 Brockway Court, 3732 38th Street, 5200 Q Street, 6247 Ring Drive, and 7794 Shrader Circle. A garage-to-ADU permit showed up for 1260 13th Avenue, Sacramento.

Permits have been filed for a 149,396 square foot and four-story storage facility at 400 Bercut Drive, Sacramento.

Permits have been filed for a new single-family residence with a swimming pool and solar panels at 4910 8th Avenue. The single-family permits for 7715 West Shore Drive create nearly 6,000 square feet of built space, 2,000 square feet for 6201 2nd Avenue, while an application for a single-family house at 3918 Eventide Avenue create 3,400 square feet.

Permits have been filed for new duplexes at 4 Keoke Court, 612 Regis Drive, and 4315 V Street. A four-unit residential building is expected at 1317 D Street and 1515 T Street.

Tesla Powerwalls
Total Units: 46
Total Locations: 27

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