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What future building improvements can be considered for my property?

Any future building improvements or additions must comply with applicable State and local regulations, the Master Plan for Water Supply and Sewerage Systems, the Private Sewage Disposal Code, and all connected rules and regulations.

Building or property improvements that increase the habitable area or living space of a dwelling must comply with the requirements of the Private Sewage Disposal Code. The existing septic system will be evaluated based on its adequacy in handling the proposed increase in living space. In most cases, area for two future replacement systems must be identified on the property before building permit approval can be made. If the existing septic system is determined to be inadequate to serve the increase in living area, then a nitrogen-reducing BAT unit will be required, whether the property is in the Critical Area or not.

If the property does not meet the conventional requirements of the Private Sewage Disposal Code and the existing septic system is found to function properly, a property may qualify for a one-time limited home addition. The limited home addition allows a home expansion of up to a 50 percent increase in the living space of an existing dwelling, with a maximum increase of 1,000 square feet and no increase in the number of bedrooms.

Property improvements, such as swimming pools, sheds, garages, decks, patios and porches, are approvable provided that the minimum setback requirements are met. The minimum setback requirements can be found at Distance Requirements and Private Sewage Disposal Code.

Maryland regulations require nitrogen-reducing units that are approved as Best Available Technology (BAT) for all new and replacement septic systems in the Critical Area. The property owner shall maintain and operate all new and existing BAT systems for the life of the system through the use of a certified service provider. The owner shall ensure the BAT system is inspected and has necessary operation and maintenance performed at a minimum of once per year.

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